Welcome To EVO Cars Rental

EVO Cars Rental was established in 2007 by individuals who have a passion for cars and ensure best services are provided at all times. We specialize in rental of "A" Grade luxury cars of two categories, Exotic Vehicles; with the likes of Ferrari, Bentley and Lamborghini. Luxury Vehicles: which include Porsche, Range Rover and BMW. We ensure that our fleet consists of latest models and strive to provide the best the market has to offer. At EVO under one umbrella we provide all kinds of luxury cars. A company that values their customer's needs, we also provide several services to our Corporate Clients. Whether it's your senior management or prospective clients, we provide you with top of the range luxury cars to ensure your organizations highest standards are represented at all times. Experienced and equipped to handle large scale events, we have had the honor to work at the prestigious IIFA Awards, Formula One Abu Dhabi and Dubai Air Show. EVO Cars Rental can provide you with a rental plan that suits your needs.


Audi Q7

Mercedes C200

Mercedes G 63 AMG 463 Edition

RangeRover Vogue